Sunday, April 12, 2009


HOLY WEEK CREW in the house!

matt , gabe and their homie visited the shop last MAUNDY THURSDAY and decided to pick up some stuff.

they were arguing on what deck to get, but came out getting PLAN B decks with matching FKD colored griptapes.
As a team as they say "they gotta to everything the same", so they ended up buying:
a.) FKD sawblade ABEC 5 with neoprene shields ( you can remove, and clean the inside ) x3
b.) Venture stickers x 3
c.) And did I say PLAN B decks Jereme Rogers Fader 7.75 and Ryan Sheckler Fader 7.75
d.) and they even got matching adio stickers as well

after 2 days gabe gave me a text saying PLAN B has the best pop compared to all the decks he had, but hey you gotta try it to believe right?

I dont usually write blogs, but these guys deserves this blog! have fun with the stuff and i know you still need matching purple trucks and wheels on your deck gabe! hehehehhehe

Prices are listed at