Friday, June 19, 2015


In celebration of GO SKATEBOARDING DAY this Sunday EMERICA drops a whole lotta shoes for you guys to skate at.

Got two new colors of the LEO 2 (Php 3,000), them new LEO LACED's (Php 3,000). 

Them buttery Westgate G6's on black and gum (Php 4,200), the Provost (Php 3,200) and the Black and white Heretics (Php 3,500).

To make this occasion more special a Limited Edition Emerica x Altamont Reynolds Low Vulc's are also available in Denim and Canvass (Php 3,500). Along side another Reynolds low and the new Herman G6 Vulc's (Php 3,500). 

Here's a more detailed look on the new Collaboration.

You can't go wrong with denim.

And some buttery canvas prints.

The heel with you...! Go SKATE DAY...!

All available on Saturday 6.20.15 at WL shops.

Check out WELEGENDARY.COM for all the details on sizes and availability.

Friday, June 12, 2015


In line with our recent collaboration with SILVER TRUCKS, we are releasing the 2nd edition and new colorway for our TEAM COLLECTION.

Together with this we are also coming out with a new WL logo shirt and the much loved BOX LOGO snapbacks.

We headed out to BALISONG country to check out the spots and just in time to welcome our newest TEAM RIDER.

Here goes our adventure.

WL TEAM limited edition collection will be available on June 13,2015 at all WL SHOPS.

WL LOGO shirt - Php 500 (s-xl)
BOX LOGO snapback - Php 1,200 (made in U.S.A)
WL x SILVER team trucks - Php 2,300

Check us out online at WELEGENDARY.COM or order through

ALA EH...!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

EMERICA June 2015

Got some new EMERICA's available this Saturday.

We got:

Reynolds Low blood red - Php 3,800
Brandon Westgate G6 blue/teal - Php 4,200
Romero Laced dark grey - Php 3,000
Jinx 2 dark navy - Php 3,300
Jinx 2 blood red - Php 3,300
Herman G6 blk/teal - Php 3,900
Hsu red/white/black - Php 3,500

Available at WL SHOPS.

Check out WELEGENDARY.COM for more detailed pics and available sizes.