Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Limited shirt for the FIRST 30 COMPLETED S**T CARDS. (NOT FOR SALE)
Just an ADDED BONUS for today. ( You basically got a week to claim you shoe )THANK YOU TO EVERYONE.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


It don't matter if your a newbie or and O.G. all that matters is your LOYALTY.
As the word of the great B-ROC once said... "LOYALTY FEEDS THE MOVEMENT"...
we obliged to continue this gesture.
Oh yeah.. this is going to be a KAMUNING RELEASE.
It was originally supposed to be BOXER guy from the janoski re-stock release, but he did text late to confirm, so I guess next time.

3 styles for saturday... Janoski red's.(Php 3,895)
Dunk Low Premiums...(Php 4,595)
and some nice BRUINS...(Php 3,095)
Also, this limited edition wL LOYAL. shirt... (Php 500)
And for the first time ever, some limited weLegendary LOYAL socks... 'coz no feet don't stink.(Php 150)
That's about it guys... that's what we have in store for saturday. enjoy.
By the way... AKUMA got hooked...
ALL the other info CLICK KINGCRUX31.COM

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I've been waiting for this for a very long long time.

Finally found one.
Its the final piece to the weLegendary office.
Metal case, japan made, stripped for the underground use.
The only name you can trust.
Marking our teritory, tokens cost 20 pesos and we're putting it straight to the bank.
Bets are welcome anytime.
Wow this just made me teary eyed.
Double haduken = special on level 1 super.

again.... WOW!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We just finished again one crazy re-stock, and what's even crazier were the things that went on that day.

BJ penn vs Fitch, DRAW?!
Jorge and Bisping should do a re-match.
Saw a 4 year old FUBU ARMY shirt I designed.
Nico Puertallano of 2720 , joined the team for some filming.
Wong did something bad.
Jayson Santiago still had a busted view finder.
Krux still didn't have any sleep.
But nothing, we mean nothing will beat this one.

Last pair of a 7.5 janoski was up for grabs and this dude shows up. Half asleep while driving his car.
Wallet on the left hand, keys on the right, black/fog janoski's on... and as you can see nothing but a red BOXER.
As what he told us, he jumped out of bed when he saw the flyer. No calls, no nothing got 'em keys and ran to the shop. Gotta give this man some props! Anyone up for a challenge?... SEXIEST outfit at weLegendary...? (ladies welcome too)...

The day basically got a little crazy, so we needed that PANCIT HAB-HAB fix.
More pics courtesy of KINGCRUX31.COM.

and we want to end the day with this parting tune.