Sunday, September 25, 2011


We just had a re-stock of STOONED shirts at the KAMUNING and DAVAO store...

To see the whole collection click here... WELEGENDARY.COM

Monday, September 19, 2011


So it's WONG's time to feel out them nice and buttery KOSTON 1's... and here's what he has to say:
Honestly you really have to get one to feel it right... available at all weLegendary shops and also here... CLICK

IVEX shirts also available and on SALE for a limited time only Php 300 per shirt.
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Friday, September 16, 2011


Honestly we can't pass on this one without making it a shirt....!
LIMITED QUANTITY...!(we assure you, you might want this shirt for future weLegendary events).
Php 500
(S**T card holders get 10% off on this shirt today). See you guys later.

Sorry MHOI...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9.17 SALE ...!

Seems like a quiet SEPTEMBER... so we figured out to make it fun.
and we're extending our anniversary festivities... We think the flyers explains it all.

wL x Bembol Dela Cruz Mystery shirt - A far from being one of the most noticeable artist locally, Bembol does take good photos too. In our 3rd year we figured out to commemorate a LEGENDARY picture he took. THIS ONE IS IN THE BOOKS. To know more about Bembol and his 400,000 peso paintings, GOOGLE him...!

All items you can buy on sale are listed in there, 40% off nike sb (selected), 15% off emerica, 40% off IVEX in case the flyer isn't enough.

S**T card HOLDERS this is your day... come through and you will know why.

wL DAVAO and RONAC also on SALE (but since most of the shoes listed are in KAMUNING we have to opt the release there).

All the questions and everything else please call (02)412.8276 or email or add us on Facebook orders welegednary.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Got to downtown to check out the DEW TOUR.
No love for Scottie...? hehehehehe.. The blazer GREATS!
Mr. Beasley checking the party.
Mr. Koston...
Mr. Decenzo...
Mr. Lutzka, if he hadn't broke his board I think he would have placed at this event...
Mr. Santiago... winnin' and plankin'. Manny I would say by far was the most aggressive skater in this event... He killed it and basically had the most fun... -"Who had the most fun, WINS..!"
Mr. Rodriguez a.k.a BRUCE LEE. That's one hell of a flip trick right thurr...
How he won..? WATCH THIS.

Some brotherly LOVE...
Mr. Dyet signing for the fans...
Manny Santiago I would say threw $500 worth of merch from Famous Stars and Straps to the crowd... And I think those came from Felix's bag.... Kids got tons of shirts... And I didn't manage to get one. Since I have to hold this camera to give you guys a pic...! daeng it...!
Ok we got a little hungry (little is an understatement).. headed to this joint to get some more wings.. this time in a different location. ( I say don't dare to get into the train without a ticket If you can't run fast).
The few, The proud, the wing heads...
Of all the things you might see at Portland... This is what they have to show for.
JUFRAN KETCHUP...! wut wut... I bet the owner ate at one of those MAX's joint and loved this...
(Will thanks for lunch man...).
Here's what I had, and I think 3 dozen of wings....
Mundo hates anything spicy... But hell he draws well. He does coloring for some of the shoes we wear... And you'd be surprised how many shades of green there are.
This one right here... I have a reason I can't show them... I will tell you why when it comes out.
Back to the DEW, time for some BMX.
Mr. Nyquist.
The ams...
Frontflip over the ramp... damn son watch your head...!
Done with the Dew...had to go out early...
Headed to this mall 45 mins. away and the only thing I was able to but is a cup of soda....

Met up with a friend to this lovely pizza spot... They call it DOVE VIVI.
Everything healthy, everything fresh and good beer.
Now I miss this one... Goat cheese pizza...!
The host for the night.. Mr. Imamura...
Thanks for this nice place Kev.

That's about it... leaving for LA the next day.

I had tons of fun on Portland.. I just wanna say to all these guys.. THANK YOU. it was worth the 33 hour trip back and fort.

I will see you guys soon.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Marc Calvo vs. Magsaysay Park...

weLegendary and 5thply's own MARC CALVO short profile featuring Davao's legendary Magsaysay Park.

Big ups to Jing Gayta for the edit, check out his youtube page HERE.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This was part of my bucket list in coming to town... Get my Man vs. Food thing goin'.
Warming up...
1st half...
And the finals... I introduce you to the "MANCAKE"... if your really down for the challenge there should be 3 stacks in there... But c'mon man, who am I kidding right.. see how small the phone is compared to this giant... ( managed to finish 1/8 of it and called it quits...).
Stepping Stone Cafe... Get yo MAN on...!

Went back to the campus to meet up with Ian, and told me he was gonna show me sumpn.

If your office space looks like this... It means your really doing something good...
Sorry for the blurrrr you guys, I'm privileged enough to be invited and see these stuff, but not privileged enough to share it with everyone.
Ian Williams the creator of WETFLOOR nike sb dunk. The story to this is truly amazing and inspiring... I think Ian should write a book about it.
Funny thing about people at nike. You don't talk about the shoes coming out next week... You talk about the shoes coming out 2 years from now... I go like HYPERFUSE, they go HYPER"WHAT"?....
And there's more where it came from... ( guess what this is and I'll give you a high five...).
This is Will... and don't talk about your newest pickup at ebay about your retro's, you are gonna get schooled BIGTIME..! hahahaha He also is a close friend of the famed MAYOR and DJ CLARK KENT.
I know you may have this zip locked at your closet... but they don't call this actual pair limited for nothing... check your shoe and check this one... and tell me the difference.
Off to the DEW TOUR.

Monday, September 5, 2011


The Boss, THE REAL BOSS finally won MALOOF CUP 2011.

Congrats ANDREW...
On the other hand Bastein did a pretty well job with the course, nice seeing him back in the whole comp circuit with bangers.
Get Andrew Reynolds signature shoes from EMERICA here.

Thanks Transworld for the clip.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Let's START the month right...
You know the drill... see you guys tomorrow.