Tuesday, September 6, 2011


This was part of my bucket list in coming to town... Get my Man vs. Food thing goin'.
Warming up...
1st half...
And the finals... I introduce you to the "MANCAKE"... if your really down for the challenge there should be 3 stacks in there... But c'mon man, who am I kidding right.. see how small the phone is compared to this giant... ( managed to finish 1/8 of it and called it quits...).
Stepping Stone Cafe... Get yo MAN on...!

Went back to the campus to meet up with Ian, and told me he was gonna show me sumpn.

If your office space looks like this... It means your really doing something good...
Sorry for the blurrrr you guys, I'm privileged enough to be invited and see these stuff, but not privileged enough to share it with everyone.
Ian Williams the creator of WETFLOOR nike sb dunk. The story to this is truly amazing and inspiring... I think Ian should write a book about it.
Funny thing about people at nike. You don't talk about the shoes coming out next week... You talk about the shoes coming out 2 years from now... I go like HYPERFUSE, they go HYPER"WHAT"?....
And there's more where it came from... ( guess what this is and I'll give you a high five...).
This is Will... and don't talk about your newest pickup at ebay about your retro's, you are gonna get schooled BIGTIME..! hahahaha He also is a close friend of the famed MAYOR and DJ CLARK KENT.
I know you may have this zip locked at your closet... but they don't call this actual pair limited for nothing... check your shoe and check this one... and tell me the difference.
Off to the DEW TOUR.

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