Monday, April 26, 2010

CONVERSE SKATE... a closer look...

A few weeks ago, we finally got this long awaited line from CONVERSE. CONS - converse skate, we got a pair of WEAPON low's (cranberry/white) and the GATES (black/white).

One star goodness....

The tongue's got fat for more extra cushioning, taking on those flips and giving you more snug fit.

Foot bed looks and feels amazing, extra thick pads for more shock absorption.

One detail we noticed on these pairs, which a skate shoe should really have, 3ple stitchings...! on the weapons there's that extra flap of material on the toe box, giving more life to the shoe when its going to get abused by the griptape.

The gates had a different version, they put up this extra lining through the lace holes to the toe area, it will give it that first impact protection when you flip in it. Which means longer wear and tear, better for the pocket...

Generally, the pairs looks nice and seems functionable. They basically put in those elements you look for a good skate shoe. One good quality on these two are that they rock the vulcanized soles. So it hits you more on the styling aspect too, if you into the current function trend ( and Im not talking about shoes, that comes with shin guards)... so technically, they look good, works well, and we got them at the shop...!

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