Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's always good when you got good friends looking out for you... Christmas really came early for me, and I'm just so excited to share to you guys some good people I really wanna thank. These stuff may not be hypebeast standard for some, but what the heck I love 'em all...

Thank you, DJ BIGBOY.... of freshmanila

cordura FTW...!

Thank you OYET... of RADYO!

Thank you KINGCRUX...!

Thank you JOHN MELLIZA... of LONG LIVE, this cat dropped by the shop yesterday and he's one of the dudes that will surely rock GUAM very soon! V-necks are in! minus the fedora's...

Thank you BEMBOL...of Oz, have I told you he's one of the illest artist in our country! I need to basically sell 100 pairs of shoes to afford one of his pieces... DAMN!

Again, I just wanna thank you guys for the good thoughts, I appreciate it!

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