Monday, June 7, 2010


We've left out some things before we left for the ASIAN X-GAMES and I just wanted to do these series of REWIND segment for you guys to see what went on before we left.... Since the lack of internet access in CHINA, we were left with no choice but to do this now... hope you guys enjoy!

2 days before we left, MANILA BULLETIN scheduled a photo shoot for a feature on WONG. Thing is the schedule was pretty tight so they boys had to do it at 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning.... hope the finish product looks alright.
7 a.m. photoshoot here we go...

Jayson getting some vid, props to the guy he got in at 6 a.m.


Green means GO!

We had a quick coffee break at KOPIROTTI, just before heading out to the last spot.

LAWTON : A place where you can crap anywhere, but you can't skate.... I mean I would settle with cracked marble ledge than seeing human waste on a monument. If you skate there or know where it is then you know what I mean.

My Boy Caloy from Manila Bulletin hookin' it up.

Last set....

And CUT .... twas a fun morning, but we had to head back and get some much needed sleep.... something good's gonna happen later that evening....

The feature will be out soon, and we will update you guys when its in... THANKS to the guys at MANILA BULLETIN for making this possible.

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