Monday, November 1, 2010


Some things just have to come to and end. For a few months now we have been tryn' to get the shop in a better shape. I mean the year is ending and were opening another door in a few weeks time. We had to make space and basically get had to make tough decisions. We thought its time to get rid of the RAMP, and we figured out to basically say thanks to it for all the good memories... hahaha If you ever laid down on it and just chilled, you know what we meant by good memories.
Just to give you a short history. The intention we had for the ramp before was basically getting something in the store as a display. What better way to put something to represent skating but a nice bulky RAMP. After making the ramp, It was too plain... so I called up a good friend of the shop OTTO (retartdo) to make his wonders on it. It came out perfect, just the way we like it RAW...! And he wrote "PISO PARA SA MAHIRAP"....
Over the years, alot of some friends and a random dude tagged up the ramp and made what it is.
Our good friends of LONG LIVE from guam basically did the whole red ink artwork and basically that was the last batch of tagging on it.
I see a classic KINGCRUX tag... which was seen all over the metro on the 90's and yes, if you have lived the era and seen that... yes It's the same guy...!
On to the next one... OTTO x KINGCRUX x LONGLIVE x JESSICA RYON x POT POT x PUSA x RANDOM DUDE.... R.I.P 2008-2010

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