Thursday, February 17, 2011


For tomorrow's release, we are giving away these STAMP "FREE S**T" CARDS.

Just a way of showing our appreciation to you guys.

Complete 10 purchases and get EXCLUSIVE items from us, or HOOK-UP's you can never imagine we can do for you.
This is how it works:

- Cards will be given tomorrow, to anyone who's going to be purchasing shoes within the day.
- Every pair you get, you get a stamp.
- White dots are stamp markers, complete 10 stamps then we talk.
- We will be announcing giveaways within the next few weeks/months on whats EXCLUSIVE item we will giveaway
- These items will not be sold, but only to be given to you.
- We only have a limited amount of cards, so when it's out it's gone.


see you guys tomorrow, and AGAIN we ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS.

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