Tuesday, May 3, 2011


"It was about 5-6 years ago when I met LOONIE through the heydays of FUBU Philippines. Ever since, LOONIE is I should say one of the most sought after up and coming STARS of Philippine HIP-HOP. Fast forward today, with the popularity of OPEN MIC events LOCAL HIP-HOP was changed forever. In the forefront was this CEBUANO, which I thought 6 years ago would be one of the greatest.

About a year ago, I attended LDP's show at The Music Museum and witnessed the best acts our country has to offer. An hour and a half into it, I saw CHANO setting up the drums and them boys of STICKFIGGAZ(LOONIE and RON) came into the stage and started their set. CHANO busted the beat and started playing "THE BOBO SONG" and just heard CHICKEN ADOBO again and again.... then this line came up "PILIPINO LANG AKO, PAG NANANALO SI PACQUIAO.." and my eyes lit up and just stood up doin' the high five in the air. It was the first time I heard that song. Since then that line was always been in my head...

One day me and BROC talked and this idea popped through and everything just fell into place...

This isn't meant to diss or hype anything, but it's just a sole reminder that beyond the hype, beyond the mainstream It's what you do that counts the most..."

(Di po pinipilit ang may ayaw..) since 2000.

LOONIE x SPECKS Php 500.00 AVAILABLE AT: weLegendary KAMUNING and RONAC starting MAY 7,2011.
To basically get you guys well informed... DOWNLOAD "THE BOBO SONG" FOR FREE...! at SOULFIESTA.
More detailed shots and info at KINGCRUX31.COM.

Thanks to everyone who's been a part of this.

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