Friday, June 24, 2011

And it was a good one...

Go skate day fever has finally ended.
But all the happening around the world of this one particular day has just began.
In davao, skaters rallied up MP park and DAVAO SKATEBOARDING hosted a fun event.
Meanwhile us here in wL DAVAO kicked the night off with the first ever Go CHILL DAY. Where skaters were treated with some good rhum ,coke, and bbq's.

Manila.... DAMN they got rained hard... but some still managed to get some session goin'. To all you guys who made something out of this day. With any effort to make this GSD worth all our trouble, vacation leave, sick call's, absent to our classes, closed our doors to our shops... CHEERS! That's what's skatn' is all about.

As far as the other parts of the world.. we know you guys made it crazy..!
BUT... not as crazy as EMERICA.
Check this clip through TRANSWORLD SKATE.
and that's what they call EMERICA's WILD in the STREETS.

Again... good work everyone. Next year is near.
Also check out EMERICA SHOES only at

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