Sunday, July 17, 2011

The food we eat...

After the KOBE event last wed.(7/13/11) wL RONAC crew and KINGCRUX had a quick dinner at B&T.
Well we thought it was gonna be quick.
But they just poured in more and more food so we spent more than an hour walking around after the meal.

I have been eating at this joint for sometime now, it's my first or last stop when I'm in town.
There's a few MEXICAN joints in manila which are decent enough, but B&T just owned it.
I'm a BURRITO dude, keep it dry just the meat, rice,veggies, avocado, sour cream, cheese that's it.
But when I had a chance to taste the new stuff, now It's gonna be a hard meal to pick when I go back.

But one thing I can say, those mango wings freakn' OWNED it...! BEST WING IN TOWN I WOULD SAY.

Check what we ate and more details at KINGCRUX31.COM.

How to go and get a hold of B&T..? LIKE them at facebook... B&T Mexican Kitchen.

Last thing, it's just a few meters away from RONAC.

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