Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NIKE SB OCTOBER release...

Got some vino's on these jano's. And the first time we got size 6's for you small feet out there.
Patagonia. Google map it.
U.S. Passport... I wonder how Philippine passport would look like...?
Vulc rod...
Prod 2.5's...
This 2.5 looks SICK..!
Koston 1's...
And if your a BRUCE LEE fan, here's a game of death bruin for you.
Also dropping this saturday them sexy IVEX sunglasses. The only sunglasses you can wear during this crazy storms we're getting.

See you guys saturday, we might not have a lot of everything on these bad boys so saddle up and get your sleeping bags ready.


For more info, sizing and pricing click KINGCRUX31.COM.

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