Monday, January 23, 2012


First drop of the year proved to be a great start.

First dude in line was LJ Segui and beat the record at 7:30 pm. Broke the previous record of 8:00 pm(space jam release at wL RONAC). I asked him why the heck did he do it, he told me "it's the start of the year might as well bring home the record".

This photo was taken 9:30 pm of Jan.13th (friday). There we're already a few of them ready to camp out.
And this photo was taken 11:30 am Jan14th(saturday). Bangn'.
LJ crazy over janos.
And more jano's fanatics.
Store really got raided, twas mad crazy.

Got this paper from one dad since his son wasn't able to go, I like how the effort to illustrate what he wants drawn up. Waaaay better than being handed out a yellow pad paper with a foot tracing...
This is gonna be a crazy year I tell you.

Again, thanks to all you guys who came.
Old homeboys, new homeboys... welcome to WE LEGENDARY....!

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