Monday, February 6, 2012

Win my Wino FINALIST...

Here are the 5 Finalist on who's gonna win my pair of EMERICA wino's.
Click the link below each photo and it will direct you to our FACEBOOK page. Click the LIKE button of your favorite pic. Most LIKES will win, voting ends Feb.14.
If you like MARK, CLICK HERE.
If you like TOVY, CLICK HERE.
If you like some ass, CLICK HERE.
If you like JHUN, CLICK HERE.

We would also like to thank these guys for getting in the effort for taking their pics.

Lets have some more of this soon.

*Whoever gets the most LIKES will win, BUT if we find out that they are not size 10/10.5 he will be automatically disqualified. Next guy will win.

Check all the pics HERE.

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