Friday, March 23, 2012


Had a double header last saturday... We released AKUMA's deck and showed Jayson and Pusa's video.
(Mag Ingat sa intra sa dalawang mukhang yan).
Noggers on supreme...
What's up glen, I've known glen back in he OG Sandwich days back when it was all about good times. Glen heads SKINWORKZ's events nowadays (he's the guys with the good amount of gel in his head). skunx,glen(the other glen), sammy scary, glen(that's him), and noggers.
Wilson looks sleepy, but has an awesome part on the vid. All that kung-fu paid up.
Early birds...
Pusa made a speeck, dedicating in loving memory of Jayson.... hahahahahah we miss Jayson.
Glen won the first raffle... IVEX x wL shades. available now(CLICK)
Sheedo and Olga...
Jay won the AKUMA deck...! Corey Papel in the building.Alain was lucky enough we had a size 7 for him, congrats on those SB's....
For the main prize and we did not rig this one... Ricky picked up the number and it was WONG....
He wanted to get a Dragon Back Piece from the master and with no hesitation Ricky said YES! That's a tattoo that can be worth more than a 100,000 pesos.... Congrats man.
Akuma, Ricky, and Wong... almost chinese, chinese and wong.
Day Old Urethane riders... Kenneth and Akuma... (new wheels soon).
Truly and intimate celebration of good things... Thanks to Ricky for dropping by and getting this project going with us.

Congrats to Akuma, please buy his board. We told him we won't give him any more shoes if he doesn't sell 50 decks this month.

Congrats to Pusa and Jayson, no budget, no resources, great video. Good work.

And to all the skaters here in the Philippines, we are proud of how you guys are today. Galing ng skating, let's keep this progression alive. Good vibes to all.

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