Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We had one of our DAVAO riders visit manila for a certain skate event.
After 3 days he hasn't been seen..

These were the last photos of him.... MARK CALVO where are you...?

Mark txt'n "Hey MOM, I'm ok I know where ABS-CBN is...."
Got some burger goodness...
First time at wL RONAC, meeting with @moylegendary. 5thply pro decks still available.
Got invited at the GOURMET party... thanks to KRUX and the people of GOURMET/PRIMER for taking care of the boys.
Mark looks drunk already..
The lovely people of FIAMMA.
Mark, KINGKRUX(un-blurred),Martin of Solemovement, Moi...
Jose of Scrt Srvc in the house... and DAVID BANNER...(or was it..?).
Did Wendell experiment on drugs again..? yup... thats a pipe...!
I honestly don't know how you can mess up a AUTOMATIC camera setting on a point and shoot camera... DAMN Moi, click before you smile...
Moi pointing and shooting everywhere, like he was a part of the trenchcoat mafia...!
But Mark Approves...!
I guess the party continues elsewhere....

Dear people of chives/absolute/FIAMMA... If you are missing 3 bottles of liquor it's all MOI's fault... weLegendary reserves the right to be not part of it...
The "BIG" event was the next day.... good way to condition your body before a comp.

Red Horse/VODKA/WHISKEY , mga bata wag tularan...

Seemed like a good day.

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