Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It has been a while since I have seen a skate event done right and done well.
I love the fact that at this one skaters were treated as the main show and not the SIDE show as to other WANNABE skate events are.

Ramps were rock solid (Props to SOC #saktorprecise). Them things lasted 10 hours of straight up punishment by a gazzillion skaters.

Indoor and air-conditioned... we can finally wear hoodies while skating.

And if you were at the GUEST/VIP area CPK pizza, tequila, vodka, mt. dew were endless.

Most of the guys got drunk, and KAMIKAZEE played.

It was just plain awesome.

O.G. Nog on the mic .... "nakakapagod manita ng skater, kaninang alas otso pa yan..."

Pusa filmn' .... "ayus lang ako..."

AKUMA just ate a burger.... "bumilib sila, may kasa raw..."

UFC 148 next week #ballschannel .... "mmmmmmmmmm..."


VJ reppn'... "aga namin dito..."


SOC... "ok yan..."

These kids were psyched to see Sey and Wong together and ran to get a picture. Icons to future Icons.

Lastly, Wong skated on these....

Akuma won 2nd place... and reppd' us hard...! Thanks man. WE LEGENDARY YO...!

Here's PUSA's vid... ENJOY you guys.

For more pics check out KINGCRUX31.COM.

VANS PH you guys did a great job.

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