Monday, August 13, 2012

Anniversary SALE RE-CAP and A SURPRISE...

It's been 4 years already and we are still very proud of you guys, our LOYAL wL customers.

Kel, killin it again for being FIRST in line. It's just a week before this, he broke the camp out record at 7:00 PM in the evening. A good 19 hour wait, PROPS to you. 

And for that we are awarding you the LUCKY BASTARD (we reserve whatever for you, for one time only) CERTIFICATE. A 4th year anniversary gift from us. CONGRATS MAN. Use it wisely.

Here comes the cavalry.

AKUMA photo bombing (go back to work...!).

Skate LOVE, we do wanna remind you at this point in time its raining like the end of the world outside.

Hope you guys got some floaters.

This dude was reviewing his LAW school books while lining up. NO EXCUSES to everyone else.

Rain gear swag.

Damn, I haven't seen anything PELLE PELLE for a long time.

Bagged up.

It's always fun to see some support.

This guys came all the way from Batangas to get some complete set, sorry man we ran out of hardwares.


Ladies and Janoskis are always awesome.

THE LEGEND.... Happy Birthday Toids. (You haven't partied hard if you haven't partied with this guy).

DAY OLD wheels...!

9 hour straight shift for us at the shop. You guys killed it...!

Thanks for the 4 years.

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