Tuesday, February 11, 2014


" I love the smell of NAPALM in the morning..."

A project a year in the making with the world renowned SBTG. 
Check out the collaboration with 5thply skateboards and Day Old Urethane.
Available starting this Saturday 15th of Feb 2014. 

Meet SBTG and have your shoes get some SBTG iD service (Php 1,500 - bring your own shoe , limited slots) Sign up starts on Feb. 14 - friday.

Decks are Php 2,200 comes with griptape.
5thply skateboards X SBTG from skatemedia on Vimeo.

Wheels are Php 1,100 per set.
DAY OLD Urethane x SBTG from skatemedia on Vimeo.

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