Thursday, April 24, 2014

WL x FLUX Design Lab : Mt. Dew Skatepark GRAND OPENING

You may have seen all the pics of the event already, here's some more of the highlights...!
WL circuit X Mt dew skatepark opening from skatemedia on Vimeo.
Mad skating went down...!

Leon kickflipn' the 9, the session winners killed them best tricks... seeing kids as young as 4 years old skating at the park, Akuma did a very very constant run and winning the best run event. Jeff Gonzales killed it at the best trick comp with a broken nose.

Had the zombette's, DJ Red-i and DJ Arbie Won perform, CHEESESTEAK's...! 
And all you great people who came through and kicked it with us.

Truly a stamp on our skate industry and history in the Philippines. Thank you guys for sharing this with us.

Also, can't say enough thank you to AYALA LAND INC. for making this happen...!

You guys can CLICK this link WELEGENDARY.COM/MTNDEWSKATEPARK to get all info's about the skatepark.

Skate safe.

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