Saturday, August 15, 2015


The legendary Ansey Flores comes through with these hardware collection.

First up is his 3rd deck for 5thply skateboards called the "NAKROW" deck. Inspired by a cult classic film, an era in which showcased the start of his prime. Being one of the best and most respected skater in the Philippines, having to compete on countless international events and winning a place in an ASIAN X-GAMES. Ansey has truly stamped himself in skateboarding history.

Designed by : Jason Santiago

Next up is the #ANGTUNAYNAIDOL wheel from DAY OLD URETHANE. It commemorates a very memorable time on where skateboarding was small in the community. But rooted up to where this industry is today. Back when baggy jeans was in and super bulky shoes with rolled up pants was in fashion. It's a rarity if you haven't been part of the CUBAO ROOFTOP CREW night light sessions. Maybe it be the gazzilion bottles of red horse beer and things I cannot mention. Those were the days where skateboarding and skateboarders and even extreme sports enthusiast align. The message on the wheel is for all the OLD HOMIES that started to rip the streets of the Philippines with 4 wheels and making a nightmare for security guards. That was our era. Ansley Flores is just happy to share all that before and all these now with everyone.

5thply skateboards and Day Old Urethane are all MADE in the U.S.A to ensure product quality. But 100% Filipino brand.

Get them at all WELEGENDARY SHOPS and at U-KRU skateshop in Urdaneta. 

Ansey "NAKROW" deck
Php 2,200 (comes with free griptape)

Php 1,100

Here's a quick clip all the way from TARLAC CITY.


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