Thursday, September 16, 2010

CAPIX HELMETS at weLegendary...

We finally got a re-stock on these awesome helmets. Bringing back the baseball 90's hard hat look.
The skate helmets utilizes absorbent foams to catch those heavy sweat drips when you dont wan't em. And if they're stinky enough, the package comes with a extra foam liner. Backed by a heavy load of a PRO team, CAPIX rest assures these babies work.
CAPIX also caters to the wake market, having PRO wakeboarders SHANE BONIFAY and DANNY HARF. The wake helmets features a quick dry liner and insures that there's no water left on your head by the time your done with the wake. A completely opposite feature to as the SKATE caps. But the only better thing is either way... you still look good.
Helmets starts at Php 2,500... and we also got some knee and elbow pads, just incase.
You can check what's available through (CLICK)
But if you wanna check what's on the weLegendary DAVAO store... you really have to go there and check it out.

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