Thursday, September 16, 2010

STAY GOLD weLegendary KAMUNING premier

Emerica finally getting things happening for the PI. We staged a premier of the most anticipated SKATE VIDEO of the year.
Projector doin' the hard work.
Standing crowd, it turned into a semi drive in movie since we placed the screen right beside the main road. Most the cars that were passing by stopped and checked out whats up. Funny, since we even had jeepneys stopn' and seeing angry commuters with their bedazzled faces.
Sittin' crowd. It was just a matter of time one of these guys might get hit by a car.
V.I.P section. Round Table, RED HORSE BEER, and a chick. The old lady was nice enough to extend her store hours to give us COLD BEER. OG skaters in the house....!
A look across the street.
And the PO PO's came...
I asked the crowd for their reaction on the video.
GLEN O.G. gave it a good thumbs up!
The LEGENDARY MIKE N.P.A also gave it a No.1 sign and a very nasty grin.
Ferds, also thumbs up!. And after 2 days he can't still get over LEO ROMERO's part. Since he got really psyched about it. "Yes ferds, you can really grind goin' up the rail"...
Lastly, this dude won a FREE COPY of the STAY GOLD video, can you see how happy he is?!
Just wanna put out some shout outs to the good guys of EMERICA again, Oyet of RADYO!, wakesqad (DEX), STOONED boys, KINGCRUX31, to all the OG's that came I appreciate the time and effort. To all the skaters who took time and checked out the premier, THANK YOU.

STAY GOLD weLegendary DAVAO PREMIER, Tomorrow SEPT.18 at MTS matina. See you guys there.

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