Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It's been a year since the wL DAVAO has opened. Time to celebrate.
We figured out of just having A LOT of FUN for the event. So we went ahead and did the brawl.
Anyone can join, 200 pesos a trick. You nail it, money on the pocket straight up.

May I have your attention please.
Hear ye, hear ye...
Alex on the P-rail steez grind' it up... Jr tryn' out the longest nose manual, plus 100 pesos if you do flip trick out.
Oliver on the 4 decks, Sheckloi gettn' paid.
For what...? Kickflip-backtail on the ledge.
Highest ollie, longest manual, grind flip out the ledge, flip in grind on the ledge, endurance tre flip, and a whole lot more culminated the event. About alot of 200 pesos were given out. Congrats to all the winners.

Thanks to Albert for the PHOTOS.

B-eric night sessioning...
And finally time for some BBQ, as we always do.
Line up...Free hotdogs for everyone.
Stooned FAM keeping it strong.
CHOY of DECA gave away some wakeboarding passes, we appreciate all the love.
Carive hittin' on some peace sign...! ("SATAN is everywhere"...-obi) ;)
Thank you DAVAO.
After party at the shop... PIZZA anyone?
This one goes to all of you.
To STOONED, KLOAK, wL DAVAO, DECA, MTS, DAVAO skaters and haters.... 'sal good, we love you all.
One down.... let's do more.


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