Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We figured out that you guys should get a head start on some spending this year. Let's KICK things off!

Why wait saturday if you can waste your hard earned cash on FRIDAY (1/28).

Again, these stuff are in LIMITED QUANTITY so it means we don't got much, so you need to run quick. When they are out , THEY ARE OUT....!

EUGENE BACKPACK's for Php 3750... WTF! right?! thats 50% off right thurrr.
CONS SKATE for Php 1,995, can't get no better than that...!
ADIO's for Php 1,500..... c'mon man, you can't beat that...! Php 1,500 for a pair of some awesome skate shoes.!

Lastly, those pyknic and electric zombie shirts that you guys always ask how much and put it back at the rack... NOW 40% OFF... I hope this time you buy one, or two....!
See you friday....

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