Sunday, December 18, 2011

5thply x U-KRU skate event...

They had a BLAST... AKUMA won...!

Can't believe Jeff still has this shirt... its been 8 years. Specks x Caliph8 ( when collabs we're not USO.) Damn, its really an 8 year old shirt.
Urdaneta skaters.... *clap* *clap*
Kid knows what's up... 5thply x U-crew deck.
Sorry guys, akuma was drunk and thought Manny needed more tash...
See how happy jordan was... That's how the event went.
Gotta thank Jeff and the whole U-kru. You guys did a good run.
Akuma, wong, and pusa for making things happen up there... And to everyone who came in skated and won the events... Thank you guys.

Let's do another one soon.

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