Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The FINAL NIKE SB DROPS for 2011 finally comes to an end.
Still, it ended up STRONG.

We can't thank enough the people who fell in line and basically got a ton of JANOSKI's.
We would also want to thank all the guys who has been to our shop all year round...

You guys are the WE in legendary.
Again, Thank you...!
8pm girl was present, and a lot of these guys said they will break her record next year. Let's see how that goes.

French graffiti artist TILT and MIST paid a visit to the store with all the ruckus going, and had time to get some fan tagged up.

Thanks TILT.
MIST double teaming... this hoodie will be worth a lot of money for sure.

Thanks MIST.
We're basically half way through december and we know there's a lot more things to go by.
Only thing I can keep saying, is that we thank you all our wL customers for keeping another year crazy.

MIST and TILT show is still going on at the SECERT FRESH gallery at the RONAC ART CENTER, do visit and check out their work. SECRETFRESH.

Check out what left at welegendary.com

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