Monday, April 1, 2013


A month ago, I got a call from Kenneth, out of breath and excited telling me he just met some skaters at the Intra spot. And it happened to be Alex Misurov and some bunch of guys. I was like " you gotta be kidding me man, why the heck they'd be here...?". Ken was like " It's really Alex...". I was like " Really, ok then tell 'em if they want some beer drop by the shop..".

I had a smirk on my face telling myself, "Impossible...!".
After a few hours, and a couple of facebook updates from random guys... Them europeans just invaded manila.

They accepted the invitation, so after a few hours of heat stroke weather and a few spot checks they decided to get some cold beer. And of course you're in the PI, we only offer RED HORSE.

Dude's were stoked with VJ's MANILA PROJECT video...

I asked Kevin, why the heck are were they here...? Told me that they always see a lot of pictures of Philippine skate spots and they hear good things about the skate scene, so they wanna check it out personally... 

Alex rides for SILVER TRUCKS, first time I saw this guy was at my first ever ASR event , him winning the Es game of skate beating up Chris Cole... A long haired Chris Cole...

Bastien needed the socks so bad...

He gave me his shoes for it...  Cheers brotha...!

Gene Matnog finding Love in a hopeless place... *cue rihanna* , sorry Joseph, he likes white guys. On one note, don't go to Boracay with your shirt off especially when Gene is around.

Look at that smile...!

To the French Connection (european to put it in general), we hope you had fun in the philippines like what they try to advertise... May you had good spots to skate at, and may you have made a lot of security guards have headaches.... 'Till we skate again!

Alex, Kevin, Joseph, Bastien, and Pery... It was good having you guys!

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