Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Illegitimate Kings, the brand -- stands for the passion inside you to choose a different path, to build your own road, to fight the battles to conquer new lands and forge a new kingdom all together.

Be it art, another vocation, another career, an old passion, a new venture --KING IT. This is what WE stand for. The choice to ultimately turn your back from what you've been molded to do, to pursue what you were born to do at all costs.

This first batch of prints are exclusively available at We Legendary Kamuning and Ronac as limited editions. Get yours, available for PHP 550, or send your orders via illegitimatekings2011@gmail.com and be the first to rock it!

As an open debate which rapper could be crowned the King of New York; Jay-z, Nas, Biggie. Arguements left and right, and no one would be on the same page. And while these three names will forever be mentioned, we at ILL K, pay tribute to one of New York's best - BIG L. ILL K is not about playing number two, its about being the best at what you do and creating a lasting legacy that separtes you from the rest. While success on paper earns you bragging rights in this art form, the song, its structure and punchlines ultimately cement your artistry for a lifetime. I will let two ILL K visionaries tell you how compelling of an MC BIG L will forever be.
This limited ILL K x BIG L commemorative shirt is available at We Legenday Ronac and Kamuning and is sold at 700 PHP. Get yours now!!

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