Sunday, April 10, 2011

WHAM...! BAM...!

Saw this COVER posted at KINGCRUX31.COM and thought of , "what's up with the comic book..?".
I didn't realize this one puts the icing on the cake.
MARVEL's very own ARTIST Carlo Pagulayan and the man responsible INKER Jason Paz decided to put a SALUTE! to both NTPI and of course weLegendary (notice where the "SAVAGE FIRST ISSUE" word at the bottom, its above it).

So I had to simply had to ask Jason why'd he do that... he just simply replied..."Been planning where to put that WeL salute ever since I got my first nike sb shoe from your store. :) As for ntpi, its the site I vist for sneaker releases locally hehe :)".

We SALUTE you on this one JASON... good looking out!
Things like this just makes the whole sneaker/shop/skate/good people experience feel AWESOME.

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