Monday, April 25, 2011


We know , we know... this is a late POST... but its hard staring at someone's butt, not sure how to crop this pic....
We ratted out this idea last week on whoever will get MHOI's(weLegendary RONAC manager) face tattoed. Will actually get something special.

This GOOD FRIDAY ANGGONG, of STAY STOONED surprised us with his masterpiece.
We can't imagine how we cannot stop laughing at this one....! DAMN SON, thats really mhoi's FACE on his BUTTCHEEK....
Owner of MHOI's FACE... AG..! Bringin back the GLORY to DAVAO CITY...!
He gets Php 2,000 (but he returned half of the money, telling me to buy JACK DANIELS for us to have a party this week...!) and a pair of EMERICA LACED shoes.


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