Sunday, September 23, 2012

EMERICA 2013...

I am so proud seeing SKATE shoe companies evolving. Not just the fashion state of the footwear but more importantly the functions, the real skate functions of a real skate shoe. 

Emerica is not new to this statement anymore. You guys will be surprised on what is in store.

Out this holiday them Bryan Herman's G6. 

Dissected. It features, a new 3 part mid-sole system. High rebound G6 foam, stabilized heel cup,solid heel thread panel and solid medial foot thread for PRIMO protection.

Breathable tongue, it also has a solid upper panel that covers the toe and ollie area to help the shoe last longer and have a better flick on the board.

Breathable medial mesh, lets the cold air comes in and helps your feet dry up. Lined with nylon mesh and foam padding for excellent protection and strength. Which make the shoe more lightweight.

Im just truly hyped on these ones, saw some people already wearing them and skating them and the just looked mighty fine.

Next are the Collin and Figgy laced joints. You know you want 'em. And wL will have them.

The Tempster...

The Liverpool...

There were a lot more shoes that was featured, saw some stuff even for Summer 2013 those shoes are just gonna blow you away.

Stay excited EMERICANS...!

We still have a couple more pairs at the shops, check them out at WELEGENDARY.COM

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