Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This might be all our last time to get some new stuff before the world melts. But if not, at least you guys got new pairs of shoes.
Here you go guys, we made way to get most of the items on sale last weekend be on sale still.

Not just that, VANS Ph threw in a couple of FREE VANS hats for every purchase of them ON SALE VANS SHOES... That's an awesome deal right there. WL TAFT and WL KAMUNING ONLY!

All of the stuff will be tagged on FRIDAY, and we can't do any pre-selling. There are a few items left on sale and they are SELECTED ITEMS only! (not everything).

Aaaaand don't count on them JANOSKI's... they might be gone for now.
CHECK out WELEGENDARY.COM for the current available stocks.

If the world does end... WE thank all of you guys again for such a wonderful experience that we all had went through.... SALAMAT.

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