Saturday, March 23, 2013

Them BHM's....

A few weeks ago NIKE PH managed to bring in them BHM's... Thanks to Jerwin and Fats for looking out in this one.

Here's the re-cap.

Just sayn'...

The goods...


This dude is pulling up and all nighter... Got some FREE IVEX laces...!

His pillow mate, we saw our boxes folded out to mattresses. Funny how the BLDG. is owned by a mattress company mogul. FREE IVEX laces...!

I've been dealing with some of these guys since it was still Kamuning. Up to this year, I never heard these guys complain or ask favors from the store. They line up, have a good time and gets some laughs... That's true wLOYAL right there... *CLAP* *CLAP*

Thee thee...

Not sure if this was some sort of a tip or "LAGAY" or someone just dropped it accidentally. But thank you that's been part of a half liter SODA we bought. Finders keepers MuthaF**KERS..!

MOI kept it strong doing RONAC's register again, came out to be a good day.

Thanks to ya'll for your money.

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