Monday, August 8, 2011

August came in early....

August just basically got us in the corner and slammed head on...
But damn... you guys still manage to line up...
So here are the pics, or basically 2 pics an a link to the pics on what went down.

Moi getting some SBTG money.
Mark Ong aka SBTG (the world famous sneaker customizer, and the best I would say.. yes I said it and that crown will never be taken away from him.) Visited the shop with our homeboys from TITAN and got a set of the newly released DAY OLD URETHANE skate wheels and them KOSTON tiffs.
The day came out mighty fine and here's some more pics and update courtesy of KINGCRUX31.COM.

Thanks again guys.
check out WELEGENDARY.COM for all the stocks available.

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