Monday, August 15, 2011

The way of the PLANN...

Met up with Butch a.k.a TRACER ONE of mastaplann at BLUE MONKEY.
Got a few drinks, and good talks.
Because of that I didn't have a lot of pics to show. Sorry.
Packed up early, since they had a BIG event the next day... It was BAMBU x DIAMOND SUPPLY CO. SHIRT launch.
Went to the lot to say goodbye, MASTAPLANN with their rides.
Johnny Luna a.k.a TYPE had this silver DODGE MAGNUM and BUTCH was riding my dream car, them Chrysler 300c's...
HIP-HOP paying good.
Thanks for the drinks... NEWCASTLE BEER still on my top lists.
Thanks to Oyet for giving me a ride.

Braaaaap. I know we're gonna get more drinks before I leave.

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