Thursday, August 18, 2011


Had a chance to visit the Emerica HQ at SOLETECH at Lakeforest. Came to check out what's up and this gentleman right here, Joseph of RADYO! cared to join the candy land tour.
It's amazing how the offices are like a block apart.. that just shows how big the space they need to run the show. This Bldg. right here is basically where all the magic happens.
Natas Kaupas anyone..? I think if your a skateboard historian ( or just old school to be proper... this will bring back a lot of memories....). Am I right...? I had my first skatemag when I was in 2nd year high school. I remember it was a transworld photo issue... I bet a lot of you guys had that too. And this shoe right here dates back almost a decade before that. I wonder WONG would know more..? hehehehhehe
They did a lot of limited footwear over the years... this showcase right here featured a lot of those projects... O yeah Soletech houses brands like Emerica, Es (R.I.P for now), and etnies, also altamont and 32. Just incase you guys are confused on where I am and the pics we have.
If you ain't done with your janoski fix. Emerica will have their own version of their boat shoe... And I think it really looked DOPE.
This explains the whole STI fusion technology. STI fusion = the best thing that happened to a skate shoe.
I did say them boat shoe looks dope...
The Emerica showroom x crazy eyes RADYO!
This where it all began... To the founder Pierre-André Senizergues, we salute the great stuff you have made. THANK YOU.
Brian Deegan's MOTO...
This reminds me a lot of things. Wow vintage SLB, when was the last time you heard salba being called "SALVADOR"..? hahahaha, I remember my homeboy Vince Penas had a pair of the SLB 3's ( is that the one with the ankle support..?) or not, back like 11 years ago. Damn son we came a long way.
There we're more stuff we touched and felt, sorry guys not ready to be posted yet.
But hey, here's two of the most hardworking employees at SOLETECH. Justin hooking us up with everything we need and making things happen and poppn'. While Fred heads Altamont marketing now...
Sorry for the blur... not yet ready to be unveiled.

Thanks guys for showing us a really nice time. I will see you guys soon.

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