Sunday, August 7, 2011


First post after I hit LA...
Agenda was 2 days ahead of this event. and I'm sorry I haven't got any pics on that. LIVE with IT..!
You can check everything on HYPEBEAST anyways.
BUUUUUUT, there's a lot of good stuff that went through and met with a lot of old friends and new ones...
and just a note... "LOCK-OUT" doesn't stay forever... get schooled with the term and the order it is used.

Crossrods is a SKATEBOARD convention that BLACKBOX dist. does every year. It's more of going straight to the point as far as taking a peek of what's up in the skate industry, business wise.
It also holds a comp and practically a lot of skating...
I was surprised they revived this brand... And I think it was really siiiiick... (if you see axion footwear after a year in the PI... I bet whoever you are reading this right now must be taking notes... JUTS SAYN').
REMIND insoles are, I think the next level accessory every skater should invest. Since ya'll use your feet, It must be protected heavily. Remind Insoles has the scientific approach of giving the support and comfortability while skating. Why am I hyping this... they're gonna be available at we legendary soon. More info soon...
Good wood.... they ain't about those jesus christ pendants anymore... they got a whole line of stuff up ahead... Showcasing their IPHONE 4 cases.... and even saw some pipe holders.. I just hope they got cherry mobile phone cases when they hit the Philippines. If it ain't good, It ain't wood.
Lotsa skating around... Kids grabbing all the free stuff and donuts...
This dude did some awesome grip tape work during the show... Mad props to you...
Setting up for some more skating... If this was at kamuning, It would be 30 guys holding up this concrete slab... Realizing they had to carry it again once the event is done... God I don't miss them old skate events days.... *UPDATE* damn thats JAIME THOMAS on the 3/4 shirt... totally missed him, since I was looking at the ledge...
Yes.. since it was ZERO's event... they have every right for this one...
So mcNuggets eating contest at the TUM YETO booth ... guess who won..?
Saw this dude walking around...
Oh wait... It's not JAIME THOMAS... (the winningest skater ever... CHRIS COLE)...!
"That's what she said..."- jose
Fun Day.


  1. Bring the Axion back... in the Philippines!!!

  2. the fuck longboards is not mean to hate actually. I know Steve Rod from 5boro. He said it's for marketing purpose coz he knows alot people will buy it. Just like bakc then we have powell making tshirts written Skateboarders Sucks, handrail sucks from World Industries and so on.

    Steve also a closed friends of Brian who owns Earthwing skate who produced longboards and downhill skateboards.

    Heres the latest news from Steve Rodz. Hes gonna make a longboard with words written "Fuck Shortboards".

    Well it's all about marketing and it works..

  3. Yeah man I believe so... It just looked funny and yes.... MARKETING...! so you long boarders out there, don't start hatn'... 'coz you suck if you do.

  4. Anyway here's what 5biri's owner Steve said on his facebook.

    Steve Rodriguez: Christian- Beef? not really… pure marketing and it works… need to stir things up every once in a while. Our industry is founded on that principle(amongst others)

    here’s another post from Steve to his friend Brian who owned Earthing skateboards who make longboard / downhill slide boards in NYC

    Posted on August 5
    Steve Rodriguez:
    So… did you see it?

    Brian Petrie (owner of longbard / downhil slide NYC Earthwing):
    Yeah man, that’s going to sell like crazy. You got my vote bro, halarious. The future is all about spandex power bars and water man!

    Steve Rodriguez:
    hahahahahahahahaha. You were the only person I had a moment of pause for when making the decision but I knew you would love it.

    Serge Berig:
    i told brian he should make a longboard with the same graphic

    Steve Rodriguez:
    of course!