Saturday, August 20, 2011


It's always been a pleasure visiting EMERICA when I'm in town. Justin always hooks it up with some of the best stuff you can find.

This is the swag bag... courtesy of SOLETECH ( I love the employee store).
Justin you the man.
Got a pair of "THE SITUATON" designed by SPANKY LONG. A very laid back mids with light foams to get that comfort feel on your feet but doesn't come off heavy or bulky. I like it, it's one of those relax chill shoes you can just grab when you wake up and head out to get some tapsilog.
Next up is a 3-pack altamont shirt and these lovely CHINA FLATS x TOY MACHINE slip ons. These babies are hella dope...
Ok, so here's comes the best part of it all... We had a chance to go around and basically meet one of the main guy for footwear management... Talked about the history of emerica shoes, and the future..

We are so psyched about what they have coming these next few months and next year.

He even gave this very limited 1 of 1 BRANDON WESTGATE never released colorway.
Black shoe with purple hints. This is the only one made.
And hey since we are nice and all... WE MIGHT GIVE THIS OUT TO YOU weLegendary and EMERICA fanatics.(details soon...)

But this one right here is something we are very honored to see... what it is...? sorry guys not yet... we'll get you more info on these soon.
Thanks Brendan... you make one hell of a good job.

Also Happy Birthday JUSTIN (sorry we weren't able to get beer...)

Thanks to the EMERICA family... you guys always make it crazy down there.



  1. Damn! that's DOPE! What ever size the Westgate shoe is, I still grab it! :D Big Emerica fan here! :)

  2. Don't worry man a lot of things will happen soon....