Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This is one of those things I try to go to when I'm in town.
Got ready, charged the camera, erased all files on the sd card...
Went a little early to the event.
Took my first pic...


NO SD CARD on my cam. Looked for it everywhere and nothing. Took me about 30 times checking my pockets... still nothing.

IPHONE photos should be the next best thing. I apologize, wanted to get better photos but damn I was ready for some cold beer.

Carpark setup, PRIMITIVE 3 years running (fact: did you know that PRIMITIVE and weLegendary had the same birthday... Jul. 27,2009).
T'was a little hot outside, so got in and checked out what's up.
Please don't ask if we these... call PRIMITIVE. And no, they don't have obsidian janoski's...
Gone to the back, and got some anniversary shots courtesy of MR. DANIELS.
Korean connection... Harry (right) is one good dude talked about his "longganisa". I died laughing... Goodtimes dude. Don't mess around PRIMITIVE he's the dude who's gonna carry you out.
Meet Irene, she works there and yes.... those are SPACE JAM dunks... and yes she will tell you that you should be jealous... yes she will tell you that!
Nice meeting you 6.5.
On the 1's and 2's.
Ms. Alexis Lopez giving away the good stuff... wanna get her shirt click click click ALEXIS PRIMITIVE SHIRT.
When they say free stuff... they really give a lot of those.
And yes... this was the co-main event of the day... Ms. Villalobos's signing.
Desiree Elyda Villalobos... remember her from last year...? DESIREExweLegendary. Nice meeting you Des...
Get her stuff... DESIREExPRIMITIVE.
Only 24 made... don't even bother us about it... Or get lucky calling PRIMITIVE BERLIN.
Surprised to see BUTCH of mastaplann, had some good talks over cold beer. The dude on the left is ARNOLD, he is one of the brainchild of GREYONE. And as far as everything else... You guys watch out...! He knows what you guys been upto.... He's coming in strong...
And of course... you know this dude... (funny how this pic looked like last year's pic). Nice meeting you Paul, sorry I had to ask Rainbow to take this photo. Congrats on the V's and good luck on the dew tour this weekend. See you at Portland.
You ain't that gangsta if you don't have one of these.
.....Oh yeah... where'd my SD card go...?
t'was just right there on my laptop, where I left it.
Great right..?
It was hell of a good day... Wanna shout out props to them Primitive Folks, Andy,Jubal,Jay (nice posrche by the way), Paul, Ron,Harry, Irene, Cammille, and basically everyone I met.

Thanks to Des too...hoped you liked the socks.

Wasn't able to go the after party... but surely had one hella good time.
Cheers, see you on the 4th year.

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